The Helm of Awe - Aegishjalmur

The Helm of Awe – Aegishjalmur

Masters Degree CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

9/11 Navy Veteran

Trauma -Informed/ DBT Certified/  Holistic approach.

I am certified in Advanced Mindfulness, a practitioner of Tai Chi, and certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I implement self-compassion and shame resiliency skills borrowed from Brene Brown, Ph.D and Kristen Neff, Ph.D.  I worked for UCLA’s FOCUS Project with the military and taught resiliency skills to the military. I believe everyone can benefit from skills training to enhance our ability to manage strong emotions and interpersonal interactions with the people in our lives. I am trained in various modalities and am happy to teach or share those skills and ideas with you if they benefit you and what you are working on. I use nature and body movement as well as creative arts to tailor therapy to my client’s needs. I also  utilize the whole family system in treatment when available and applicable ( including pets).

I believe the body holds on to our trauma and pain. My experience in somatic practices, like Tai Chi, meditation, massage therapy, recreation therapy, nutritional therapies and Preventive Medicine while in the Navy lends to my whole body, mind, spirit holistic approach. Chronic pain in my opinion is truly a teacher, and learning to manage and decrease vulnerability and inflammation is key to my work with stress reduction, perspective shifts, and mental wellness approaches. I don’t work with a specific “population” or “pathology”, “label” or “disorder” per say, I believe we are all part of the human tribe, and life can be painful at times, and labels can at times limit us if we are not mindful of their use, or over use.  However, any sort of struggling, self-harming,  and /or suicidal tweens/adolescents are a specialty population that I have worked with extensively and have devoted a lot of my practice efforts to support. I feel it is vital to address the unique struggles experienced during adolescence which is a very rapidly changing stage in life and in need of devoted clinicians who practice in a non-judgmental, effective and timely manner.

I walk with you, and give you TOOLS to lessen your suffering along your journey.

We all have issues and areas of our life that we need assistance and support to work through… we can live “with” our pain, or have a safe place to work through areas of our life that need to be tended to….. in order to create a life we find worth living.

Life is a journey, and we have many teachers along the way.

Some have hurt us in ways unimaginable. How are those our teachers? Post traumatic growth and resiliency are areas we will journey together. I believe we can integrate those parts of ourselves, and step into a healthier, more accepting version of ourselves in time.  Less judgmental. And more confident. Less afraid of our less than desirable parts.

Come take that walk. Come float on the paddle board. Sit in front of that piece of art.

                                                                                                                  Talk it out. Feel it. I’ll be right beside you.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

– Brené Brown

Education & Credentials:

  • License #: LMFT 84607
  • License State: California
  • Practicing Since: 2011
  • Education:
    • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies
    • Military Preventive Medicine and combat medical schooling
    • Nursing, Holistic Massage Therapy
    • Masters degree in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy